My studio is a compact, high end setup based around Apple Mac Pro running Protools9 w HD3 hardware, Lynx Aurora Conversion. State of the art ATC monitoring in an acoustically treated room. Crane Song Avocet monitor control. Sennheiser HD25 and HD800 headphones.

Neve 1084 mic pre’s, Neve 517 mic pre, A-Designs JM3001 mic pre/eq,

Retro 176 comp, Distressor comp, Slate Dragon comp, A-Designs Nail stereo comp, SSL G series stereo comp,

API 550b eq’s, A- Designs EM-PQ2 stereo eq. A-Designs Reddi DI box,

Bock 507 tube condenser mic, Shure SM7b mic, Sennheiser md409 mic, acoustically treated vocal closet.

Tons of software including Protools, Logic, Reason, McDsp, Soundtoys, Native Instruments, etc. various midi controllers and keyboards.

Collection of acoustic and electric guitars (a few of them “Evertune” equipped, see link below) and basses, Custom Audio Amplifiers PT50 guitar amp, Bogner guitar cab. Various guitar pedals also being used for mixing.

Evertune ! 

 - as a guitarplayer first and foremost I have to make sure you know about - it's a genius invention that literally makes your guitar stay in tune forever. I haven't tuned my Tele and Les Paul in months now. It's saves me so much time and makes it a lot more fun to track guitars - finally someone got it right. Thanks guys !